The Story of The Silver Sales Bullet

In this 6-minute video Ian L. George and his brother, Steve, discuss the story of how The Silver Sales Bullet came into existence...


Programme Director

Ian L. George

Ian has a fearless attitude to business. He looks at things differently to most business owners & this is his great strength.

Over the last 30 years, Ian has discovered and honed a very unusual set of skills that's enabled him to open the doors to CEO's, Billionaires, Politicians, and even members of Royal Families.

This unique ability to open the doors to key decision makers has generated over £50,000,000 in revenue, as well as over £100,000,000 for himself and his clients.

After road-testing his strategies across the globe, he decided to start working hands-on directly with businesses to implement what has become known as 'The Silver Sales Bullet'.

Now for the first time, Ian is pulling back the curtain on 'The Silver Sales Bullet' and revealing it all in his truly one-of-a-kind revolutionary online training programme.