About The Silver Sales Bullet


‘The Silver Sales Bullet’ is An Essential Online Business Training Programme, that will equip you with the unique set of skills to secure significant meetings consistently with the decision makers at your dream clients. This executive education programme extends for seven weeks and incorporates 37 online modules that can be learned at your own pace.

'The Silver Sales Bullet' constitutes an invaluable element of 'Continuing Professional Development' for business owners of small and medium-sized enterprises and Sales Directors at large companies and organisations who sell B to B products and services. The programme provides a pivotal platform of support for Regional Directors, who are responsible for the commercial functions of sales, training, learning and development.

Programme Director

Ian L. George

As Managing Director at 'The Effective Communication Group' and 'George Wicks Limited', I assist ‘Business Owners’ of ‘Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ and ‘Sales Directors' at large Companies / Organisations, who sell ‘B to B’ (Business to Business) Products and Services to achieve their 'sales’ and ‘profit’ targets by securing significant Meetings with the ‘Decision-Making’ Executives at their ‘Clients of Aspiration'.

Throughout the past thirty years, approximately, I have pursued, secured and indeed, ‘Closed Several Deals’, for both my own portfolio of ‘Commercial Interests’ and on behalf of an extensive number of ‘National and International Clients’ !!

The specific 'Commercial Arenas' in which the process has been applied, include several 'Global Sectors'. For example, ‘Retail and Wholesale’, ‘Professional Football’, several additional ‘Professional Sports’, ‘Hotels’, ‘Finance’, ‘Education’, ‘I. T.’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Tourism’, ‘Telecommunications’, ‘Governments’, ‘Non-Governmental Organisations’, etc.

However, it is important to note that the process can be applied successfully, to every conceivable ‘Commercial’ and ‘Investment’ arena throughout the entire ‘Private Sector' and indeed, the ‘Public Sector’, across the entire Globe !!

Currently liaising with a number of 'high-profile' projects that are attracting in excess of several million pounds of Inward Investment into the 'United Kingdom'. This extensive liaison is being maintained via a formidable network of influential Diplomats and Executives throughout numerous Nation States overseas.

Commissioned regularly to secure Meetings for numerous Clients throughout the World with influential ‘Decision-Making’ Executives at their ‘Target Market’ entities throughout the 'British Isles', the 'European Continental Mainland', the 'United States of America', the 'Middle East', the 'Far East' and elsewhere across the World. The Service can be applied to every 'Commercial and Investment Sector', including 'International Sport', 'Retail', numerous additional 'Commercial and Investment' Sectors, 'Politics' and the 'Global Diplomatic Service'. This 'Strategic Commercial Introduction Service' and the associated 'Opportunities Facilitation Management Service', can be adapted to satisfy every conceivable aspiration !!