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The Silver Sales Bullet Opens Doors to Key Decision Makers 

What’s the point in developing the perfect sales pitch for what could be your dream client if you are unable to reach the decision maker? Check out our Programme Director
Ian L George's recent interview conducted with Business Aspects Magazine.

Featured Article:

How Does Your Sales Team Maintain its Competitive Edge? 

Businesses are finding that competition is increasing while margins are falling. So what can your business do to maintain that all-important competitive edge? Check out our Programme Director Ian L George's recent interview conducted with HR Aspects Magazine.

Featured Article:

How Your Manufacturing Business Can Capitalise on a Post-Covid Boom

According to the latest data, UK manufacturing is experiencing a post-Covid boom, so how can your company take advantage of the optimism that is now flooding throughout the sector?

Our Programme Director Ian L George discusses this topic in his recent interview with Manufacturing Matters Magazine.

Establishing Who To Reach & How to Reach Them

In these videos, Ian and Steve discuss the very first things you need to know and understand - and that's knowing who you need to reach, and how you can go about reaching them...

The Unique Methods of The Silver Sales Bullet Explained...

In these videos, Ian and Steve discuss some of their proprietary methods that play a key role in The Silver Sales Bullet essential online training programme.

The Most Common Mistakes People Make...
(& How You Can Avoid Them!)

In these videos, Ian and Steve discuss some of the most common mistakes and 'cardinal sins' so many people continue to make that can ruin your chances of success... but most importantly they reveal exactly how you can avoid them!

How To Get Your Products into Retail in 2021

If you sell a product, then getting into a big Retailer is by FAR your biggest opportunity for explosive business growth 2021. Having spent the last 30 years getting private clients into every major retailer around the globe, watch Ian L. George reveal the scale of the opportunity & discover how to do it for yourself.

Free 21-Minute Case Study

How to Secure Significant Meetings with Corporate Decision-Makers and Close Multi-Million Pound Deals Consistently

This free case study, presented by Ian L. George, reveals:

  • Why talking to the decision maker is the key to success

  • Why the biggest obstacle to reaching the decision maker is always yourself

  • Why in this digital age it is traditional communication methods that still produce the greatest results